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Weddings are a memory that lasts a lifetime – but there was one detail of our founder Amanda’s wedding that she would rather forget.

After finding her perfect dress, all that was left to do was find the perfect veil to complete her look for her wedding day. The problem wasn’t finding the right one (she discovered some incredible, artisan products online), the problem was the price.

Could she really justify paying hundreds of dollars for an accessory she will likely never wear again?

No. And that’s when she eventually decided that a cheaper option will be more viable. Looking back, although her day was beautiful and nevertheless, memorable, her biggest regret was her veil. Quality shines through in your wedding day photos, but sadly so does a lack of it.

And so – The Loop Market was born.

With the mission to provide access to a coveted selection of couture statement pieces hand-selected unrestricted by budgets or hassles of having to resell items, Amanda’s hope is to help the modern day bride add that extra touch of understated elegance to complete her big day.