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A backyard wedding can be a lot of fun and save you money. Backyard weddings are a popular option for brides who are happy to DIY and get their creative juices flowing. It can also add a more intimate and sentimental element to your wedding day. If you’re thinking about a backyard wedding, we’ve got you covered.  In this blog we list our favourite tips for planning a perfect backyard wedding.


One of the best things about having a backyard wedding is that you can have your ceremony and reception in one place. If you have a nice fence, wall or greenery, this could make a nice backdrop for the ceremony. Other things to consider would be the seating and decorations, such arbours. These items can be easily rented from party suppliers and stylists.

Image from Nouba 

Seating Arrangements

If you are having a backyard wedding and are limited by space consider bar tables and stools for the guests. This will give your wedding a more casual feel. You could also choose canape styled catering, so guests won’t need space to formally sit down . If you do have plenty of space, you can organise more traditional seating arrangements. Tables and chairs are generally easy to rent. Remember, tables will require further set up such as table cloths, decorations, centrepieces and cutlery.

food and drinks

Backyard weddings come with their own set of food considerations. If you want to serve the freshest food possible, organise to have  catering on site. If you want a caterer to cook in your home they will most likely need an area and equipment to cook. Another option is to organise a food truck. In this case, you will need to make sure there is space for  parking and that the guests can access the truck easily. If you prefer to have the food served to guests, you will need to organise enough wait staff for the day. Another option would be to set up a buffet station for guests to serve their own food. If you want to serve alcoholic beverages you’ll need licensed bar staff so keep this in mind!

set up and decorations

Here is the opportunity to get creative! Because you’ll be able to frequently visit your own backyard during the planning process, you can trial different setups. This will allow you to see what works best with the space you have. As it is outdoors, you’ll most likely have some sort of greenery to work with and can consider adding floral arrangements for extra pizazz. Leading up to the wedding day, you will need to maintain the yard and ensure everything is in order.

Image: The Wild Side

music and dance floor

When planning for a band or a DJ, make sure to ask for their requirements such as how much space and power they need. If you have concrete or tiles in your yard, this could suffice as the dance floor. Just make sure the space is not too slippery, uneven or could cause any potential issues for your guests. You can always organise a dance floor if there isn’t anything adequate in the yard. Companies who offer dance floors will generally have a variety of sizes (to help with your space and budget), and install as well as remove the floors for you afterwards.

Image: Mitchell Orr on Unsplash


With dancing and music comes loud noise! Even if you have friendly and understanding neighbours, it would be ideal to let them know ahead of time about your wedding plans. Let them know of your start and expected end times for the day. This way, they can prepare for the music and parking situation on the street. They may decide to spend the night elsewhere, or even offer a helping hand.


If you are planning for the wedding to go well into the night, you will need to ensure there is sufficient lighting for the guests. Most of the time at weddings, there are guests walking around mingling and, or dancing. Some backyards may have enough lighting.  If not, you may need to find some outdoor spotlights. You could use fairy lights, which would also work as a great decoration.

furry friends

A backyard wedding is a great idea if you want your beloved pets by your side. You probably won’t need a pet sitter and you definitely don’t need to check if the venue allows pets. The only thing to consider would be your guests and your pet’s comfort levels with strangers. Let your guests know your pets will be joining you on your special day and plan a quiet place where your pet can have a time out. 

Image: Marc Petite

Having a backyard wedding can involve extra planning and organising, but overall, may allow you to stay within your wedding budget and be more creative.  Backyard weddings are a great idea if you are planning a smaller and more intimate wedding. The best part is, you can head straight to your own bed once the night is over!