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You do need to have some idea of the type of wedding you want before you actually start looking for your dream venue. Your choice of venue could be dependent on you and your partner’s personality and style. You may be the type of bride who wants a wedding out in the open space in a marquee. Or perhaps you want a sit down dinner in an exquisite castle-like reception. There are so many venues across Australia and there is a venue to suit each type of bride. In this blog, we explore a four different types of wedding venues and what you may need to consider for each.

Vineyard/winery Wedding

Australia has over 2000 wineries, some of which are perfect wedding venues for the wine lovers out there. A winery wedding generally means lots of fresh greenery, open space and picturesque views. You can definitely count on capturing amazing wedding photos on the day.

The beauty of having a wedding on a winery is that everything and everyone will be in a single location. Your ceremony and reception can often be hosted on the same grounds. And guests can enjoy wine and the captivating scenery whilst you are off taking your wedding photos against the rustic barnyard. If you prefer not to use the indoor reception they offer, some wineries allow you to set up your tables outside or organise your own marquee. This would be a beautiful wedding set up where you can enjoy a night under the stars. You will also need to have a backup plan for bad weather, especially if you are having both the reception and the ceremony outside.


Most wineries don’t come with decorations meaning you can take reign with the styling. Depending on the winery, you may have to organise ceremony setup (including chairs and arbour) and other decorations for the tables and reception building. When I think of a winery wedding, I think rustic, with lots of florals and natural textures and colours. They often serve food and drinks (with the best wines of course), but some places do require you to organise your own catering. So, make sure you check these options when speaking to any wineries of interest.


Finally, winery estates are usually located outside of the city. This means you will need to consider the travel and accommodation not only for you and your partner, but the guests. You may need to ask the winery for suggestions on where guests can stay if they need to get there a day before the wedding. If you aren’t from within a winery region, it may also be ideal to choose a local hair and makeup artist, so that you don’t incur high travel fees.

Location: Bendooley Estate, NSW | Photo: Alana Taylor Photography

Function Centre Wedding

The sit down reception in a function room is very traditional and is always a popular choice for couples. I had my very own wedding in a function room. I loved having my wedding in a function room restaurant as everything was pretty much set up for me. This included the tables and chairs, dance floor and all the speakers, stage and even a photo backdrop!

Function rooms are often more formal, with the table arrangements already set up and ready to go. When you walk into a function room, you’ll see white tablecloths on round tables, a large centrepiece, tiffany chairs and sometimes chandeliers. The vibe can be quite grand and elegant.


They often charge per guest, and this may depend on the menu which you choose. One of the main benefits using a function room as your wedding venue, is that you generally don’t need to pay for the cost of hiring out the venue. The styling of my function room wedding was sufficient enough for me. They had centrepieces and the bridal table was nicely decorated with flowers. You can however always ask if you can bring in your own stylists.


Function rooms usually don’t have a space for ceremonies. If you are planning to have your ceremony at a park or another location beforehand, consider the distance the guests will need to travel in between. You would want to make sure there is plenty of time for them to get from the ceremony to the reception if they are at separate locations.

Location: Doltone House, Sydney | Photographer: Ryan Schembri

Beach wedding

Australia is definitely well known for its beaches. Not only do we have the famous Bondi Beach, we also have amazing locations for hosting beautiful beachside weddings. The beach would be the ideal wedding venue if you want scenic views and a more relaxed atmosphere. Having a beach wedding means that you can have your ceremony overlooking the water followed by your reception in a nearby restaurant.


If you are planning to have the ceremony on the sand, you may need to organise the styling and seating. Speak to the venue for ideas, as they would often host beach ceremonies. Or you could get in touch with a stylist or planner who has done a beach set up before. It may be kept very minimal and simple due to the sand.


Speaking of sand, you also need to consider your wedding outfit and how comfortable it would be. It may be difficult to walk in the sand with a fitted wedding dress with a train and stilettos, so you may need to think of your other options. And, don’t forget about the guests. They would probably want to know if they need to wear suitable wedding for your beachside wedding ceremony.


As with any outdoor ceremony, you will need to factor in the weather. If it’s a beachside wedding venue, ask them if you can hold the ceremony indoors in the event of rain. Or, what if it gets way too hot? You may also need to consider some options for shade such as a gazebo or even paper umbrellas.

Location: Palm Beach, NSW | Photographer: Lonely Huner Weddings

Warehouse Weddings

Warehouse weddings are very urban and contemporary, and I can see them becoming more popular. So much character can be added into a warehouse with just some simple styling. Warehouse wedding venues are often an open space with concrete floors, exposed walls and high ceilings. Hosting your wedding inside a warehouse means no need to worry about rain!

Vendor coordination

Some warehouses actually host other events, not just weddings. This means you may need to organise everything from scratch. If you are wanting to coordinate the wedding from styling, to catering to seating, hiring out just the warehouse would be the perfect option for you. This may include getting as detailed as organising wait staff and cutlery. If this is not for you, choose a warehouse venue which specifically hosts weddings so that they can take care of at least the catering.


From what I’ve come across, many warehouse weddings have a very simple set up including a few long tables down the centre. To liven up the building and give it some personality, add some fairy lights or draping foliage. The warehouse wedding looks amazing in photos. If you’re having a small and intimate wedding, you may also need to consider the size of the warehouse. As warehouses are often very large with higher capacity, they may be more suited to larger weddings.

Venue: Three Blue Ducks, Sydney| Photo Credit: Robert Meredith Photography

If you’re still thinking about choosing your perfect wedding venue, we hoped we’ve helped! Want more? We’ve also got another blog with some tips on how you can find your wedding venue, which was written by Kiri from Tigerlily Weddings and Events