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We all hear of the term eco-friendly but what does it actually mean?  According to the Oxford Dictionary, it means “not harmful to the environment”. Keeping our environment safe is becoming an important issue in today’s society. Increased amounts of waste means increased pollution, as well as potential harm to our plants and animals. That’s why more people are using KeepCups for their coffee, more companies are coming out with non-plastic straws, and supermarket chains have decided to ditch plastic bags. 

A lot of waste can come from a single wedding. Think about all of the decorations, the invites, and even the outfits. Wedding planning is all about creating an extraordinary and memorable day and it can be difficult to consider the environment at the same time. Not to worry though, we’ve done the thinking for you!  If you are wanting to play your part in keeping the environment safe, even if it’s a small part, try one or all of these eco-friendly wedding tips. 

Print on paper only if you have to

When you think about it, a lot of paper is used during a wedding. We use paper for wedding planning journals, save the date cards, invitations, table menus, table cards and sometimes a book for your photo booth pictures. Where possible, try going digital instead. Rather than printing on paper, send electronic invites and save the dates and plan using an app or computer document. Of course, if you prefer paper, find suppliers who can offer recycled options. This means less deforestation and less paper to go into our landfills.


Image: Artsy Vibes

opt for reusable tablewear

Although single-use plastic cutlery and cups may be more convenient and cost efficient, there are reasons to cut down on it when possible. Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down. As a result, it can fill up our land and oceans, further having a negative effect on our marine life and animals. Plastic is a type of material which can take a long time to break down. As a result, it’s toxins can eventually leak into our soil and drinking water. Using glassware and silverware, which can be washed and reused, is a simple solution. If your venue does not offer the tableware as part of a package, there are now many party/wedding equipment suppliers who offer a rental option. 

Image: Cluttersnap

Mix and match your table decorations and settings

If you don’t mind having a mix and match of table decor such as jars for floral centrepieces and the tableware, try to find these items from friends/family, op-shops and even your local market stalls. This look can add a nice vintage touch to your wedding theme (if you are going for this look). It also means you are cutting down on the plastic and waste, which is what we want when it comes to helping the environment. 

Buy a pre-loved wedding dress, or rent one

By choosing to wear a pre-loved dress you are recycling an item which may otherwise end up in the landfill. Buying pre-loved has become popular with beautiful listings on sites such as Still White or Only Dream Dresses. Renting out your bridal outfit has also never been easier with the countless designer rental sites now available, such as Glamcorner or Her Wardrobe. If wearing second hand is just not your thing, you can always find a wedding dress designer who uses natural and recycled materials only. 

Give favours people will use

If you choose to provide wedding favours, opt for things people will actually use, or better yet, eat! How many times have you been to a wedding where favours are left behind? If you choose something people will want, you can be sure your favour will not go to waste! Some great food options include cookies, chocolate or even jars of condiments such as jam. If you prefer not to give out tangible items, you can also donate the money you were going to spend on favours to your favourite charity.

If you’re looking to reduce waste at your wedding, consider giving one of these wedding tips a go! You never know, your dream wedding dress could end up being pre-loved and your guests might prefer a monetary donation to a charity. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to use biodegradable confetti!