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As a bride to be, you can feel overwhelmed with the entire process, from the minute you say “YES” to the moment you say “I Do”.

Constantly hearing other people’s opinions can be frustrating, and seeing so much information out there can be just plain confusing. The world of weddings is brilliant and crazy at the same time. You’ve been dreaming of this day, and now that it’s here, you probably just can’t wait until it’s over.

One of the most time consuming aspects of wedding planning, I’d say, would be liaising with vendors. When I was enquiring with different suppliers/vendors, we’d go back and forth before any of my real questions were answered. I’d send an email, then wait for a response. I received a response, then I’d ask more questions. And then guess what, more waiting! To me, it’s important that your time is not wasted and that you reach a decision armed with all the relevant information. While jumping into a call would be easier, most initial correspondence will be via email inquiries and website contact forms.

As with everything in life, some guidance along the way can help! That’s why I’ve created 3 no-fuss email templates to get you started when reaching out to vendors and suppliers. Use it as a guide or just copy and paste!

Hopefully these templates will help you gather some or even all of the information you need during the initial stages of planning! I’ve chosen 3 types of vendors every bride would most likely need to speak to: your reception, hair and/or makeup artist and celebrant.


Hi there,

I will be getting married soon and I’m interested in holding our wedding reception at your venue.
The main details of the wedding are:

· Date:
· Number of guests:
· We are looking at starting at (insert time)

Could you please provide me with some information on the following:

· Types of food and beverage packages your provide, and the cost per person/table
· Do you allow BYO?
· Do you have a minimum spend amount for us to host our wedding at your venue ?
· How many hours will we be able to have the venue for?
· Do you allow for our own stylists and decorations, or do you provide the decorations?
· Do you have room for a photobooth/dessert table?
· Does our DJ/band need to bring their power/equipment?
· What are your payment terms?

Any other information which you think may be useful would be great!

Please let us know what the next steps would be as we would love to come and check out your venue.


(Bride to be)

Hairstylist and/or Makeup Artist

Hi there,

I came across your work on (insert source of information) and am really interested in having you as our makeup and/or hair stylist!

I will be getting married on (insert date) and it will be held at (insert area). The bridal party and I will need to be ready by (insert time)

I am also looking at doing a trial.

Could you please provide a quote for the following people:
· Myself (the bride)
· (insert number) bridesmaids
· Mother of the bride
· (insert any other people)

Please also let me know if there are other costs involved in the quote such as travel time, early start times etc. as well as your payment terms and conditions.

Looking forward to hearing the next steps of the process.

Also, if you are not available on the day, do you have any recommendations/referrals?

Thank you,
(Bride to be)


Hi there,

I will be getting married on (insert date) and would like to enquire about your services.

The ceremony will be located at (insert location) between (insert time)

Hoping you can answer some of my questions below!
· What are you fees, and do you charge additional costs (e.g travel)?
· Will you organise the paperwork required for the marriage?
· Do we go through any sort of rehearsals? What is your process from booking to the wedding day?
· What are your payment terms?

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank you,

(Bride to be)