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Cat Hughes Hair and Makeup (instagram: @Cathughesxo)

Recently I got the chance to collaborate with Cat Hughes, a hair and makeup artist from Melbourne. She has been kind enough to provide The Loop Market some valuable insights on what her work is all about, and expert hair styling tips for brides to be on their exciting journey!

Cat has been a hairdresser for 16 years. She owned a salon for many years but after finding out that her and her husband were pregnant with twins, she knew she had to sell.

“This gave me chance to work from home and focus more of my business towards my truest passion – Bridal hairstylist and makeup.”

A bit about Cat’s style.

I spend a lot of time practicing and training to perfect my style. My style is described as modern, effortless and elegant. My goal is to always trail-braze in the industry. I create my own signature styles that will inspire other stylist.I have created a masterclass to teach other stylist how to recreate my styles, which will be held mid year. I’m also working on an online training subscription to teach my international followers. It’s a massive year ahead, but I am so excited to be doing what I love!

What are some tips for choosing a hairstylist for my wedding day?

Choosing the right stylist can be difficult. Always ask to see previous work ( Instagram is great for this). You want to be looking for a stylist who can create a textured styles without the mess and overkill of hairspray. I great stylist will build a foundation of products, prep the hair according to the style and use bobby pins (pins should never be visible in the hair). All of this will ensure your hairstyle lasts the day and night.

When it comes to prepping my hair for my wedding day, what are some things to consider?

Length and texture of the hair is relevant to the chosen hairstyle. As a general rule, I ask my brides to come with their hair washed and blow dried smooth from the night before. Bra strap length hair with layers throughout is the most ideal.

Blonde and highlighted hair will show the detail in the style more, as opposed to dark or one solid colour. I always recommend by brides add some gentle highlights to bring out their hairstyle.

How would I choose the most suitable hairstyle for my wedding day?

I believe it all starts with the dress. The dress will set the overall style and flow for the wedding. When my brides come in for a trial , and before they even sit down, I take a look at their everyday style. Are they fashion forward? Are they more reserved? Do they like heavier makeup or no makeup at all? This helps me determine which way I will steer my brides when choosing a style.

I then ask for them to describe their wedding in 3 words. This helps to see what the bride is going for and wanting to achieve. Then finally, I ask to see her dress. By this stage, you should both have a good idea what hair style should work best.

And finally, what should I consider when choosing a hairpiece?

Choosing a veil and hairpiece should complement the dress first and foremost.
Most brides will take their veil off for reception, and leave a beautiful hairpiece in for the evening.

If your hairpiece is the main feature (eg. a crown or heavily beaded piece), choose a more simple hairstyle. On the contrary, a simple hairpiece or hairpins will compliment a more intricate hairstyle.

I was so excited for Cat to use 2 hair accessories from The Loop Market collection for her styling! I love seeing the creativity that comes from a hairstylist when we they use some of our headpieces. Cat has used the Dareth Colburn Silver floral and crystal headpiece and Dareth Colburn freshwater pearl rose gold comb on a sleek and classical bun, which in my opinion, never goes out of style!

If you love her work and want to see more, check it out here